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DPA Architects offer an extensive range of design and heritage based architectural services.

Complete Design Service and Contract Administration


DPA Architects has worked on a wide variety of commercial, cultural, and residential projects throughout the country.  Current projects include multi-storey residential dwellings and educational facilities.  The company also has recognised heritage expertise and has worked on a number of New Zealand’s most significant heritage buildings.  


Conservation Plans


DPA Architects is one of the most experienced providers of conservation plans in New Zealand, having produced over 200 such documents to date. DPA Architects is committed to producing high quality conservation plans that are well researched and documented with clearly stated policies and recommendations.


Heritage Assessments

The purpose of a heritage assessment is to assess the heritage values of a building and its component parts. This can be a valuable document when changes are being proposed, as it highlights areas that should be retained and those where a greater degree of change might be accommodated, while still maintaining the building’s heritage values.  


DPA Architects recently completed assessments for the the former McKenzie and Willis Department Store and a block of shops in High Street, Christchurch.  The buildings were extensively damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010 –2012.  The street facades of the department store and shops were retained, and new buildings constructed behind.  DPA Architects prepared heritage assessments and heritage impact statements for both buildings and provided advice on the restoration of the facades.


Condition Reports


The report assesses the condition of the building, noting all the evident defects and their causes. Remedial work specifications can be prepared detailing the work required to return the building to a good condition.


Area Studies and Guidelines

An area study involves an assessment of a particular urban or suburban locality to assess its heritage and character values. An area study may also involve the preparation of a series of guidelines aimed at ensuring that any development maintains and enhances its heritage and cultural values.


Maintenance Plans

A cyclical maintenance plan is an effective way of caring for a heritage building. With a maintenance plan, defects can be discovered before they become major cost items. Examples of maintenance plans prepared by DPA Architects include the old Auckland Railway Station and the Department of Conservation managed buildings on North Head, Devonport.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are often undertaken for design proposals that involve both heritage and new buildings.  Although heritage buildings should retain their original use, this is not always possible. DPA Architects can undertake feasibility studies demonstrating how through adaptive reuse, buildings and sites can be modified for new uses.

Drone Technology

Drone technology enables DPA Architects to assess heritage buildings that are often complex in nature, in a great amount of detail with considerably more efficiency and ease than traditional methods would permit.


The ability to record photographs through a series of 3D point clouds is an invaluable tool in recording existing heritage buildings with precision. This new technology transforms DPA’s ability to carry out inspections and condition surveys of particularly intricate environments.